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"Simply the best. I am so happy with Mr. Zaeri and his staff. "

Ceasar , L 

Bankruptcy Law

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy generally discharges all of your unsecured debt. Most common forms of unsecured debt are credit cards and medical bills. Some debts such as old IRS delinquent taxes under certain circumstances can also be discharged.

Foreclosure Defense

At Zaeri & Associates, P.A., we aggressively defend all foreclosure cases. Over the years, we have dedicated an increasingly larger part of our practice to defending homeowners who, due to hardship and financial reasons beyond their control, have been unable to pay their monthly mortgage payments. 

Family Law

Over the years, Zaeri & Associates, P.A. has been a leading local Firm helping local clients with often stressful child custody, timesharing, child support, alimony and realted family law court cases.

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

We always avoid the unimaginable fact that we are not promised forever, and at some point, we might not be here anymore. Generally, people have a tendency to ignore this fact of life, and a death occurs and it is too late to plan. Preparing a Will or Trust is an opportunity to take control of your assets and belongings, and to have the power  to know and decide how your property will be disbursed to others after your death.

Auto Accidents and Personal Injury

When you are involved in an accident, you need to have an experienced attorney guide you through the intricate, and sometimes difficult process of dealing with the at fault party, or their insurance carrier.

Real Estate

    •    Quiet Title cases
    •    Property boundary disputes
    •    Real Estate contract disputes

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