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When legal challenges present themselves, the cost for legal services can be a challenge in itself.  In most cases, we offer payment plans to assist you. There are different type of fees, depending on your type of case.  

Types of Legal Fees

  • Fixed or Flat Fee:  Our most common type of fee is a fixed or flat fee, which is a fee based upon an estimate of frequently performed services.     

  • Hourly Charge:  Many of our cases are billed hourly. An hourly charge is a fee charged by the hour for actual work performed. This fee does not include other out-of-pocket expenses, such as filing fees, photocopying, travel expenses, and postage. A retainer is required at the inception of this type of case, and fees are billed as work is performed. 

  • Contingency Fee:  Personal injury cases are accepted based upon a  contingency fee. We perform the work and assume the burden of upfront costs and all the risk of the lawsuit so you do not have to. We only get paid a percentage of winnings, if we prevail in your case and recover monies on your behalf.   

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